Dogs, Bikes and Horses Oh My!

My last post certainly did inspire a list, a long, 134 point list, and that was just a start.  The first thing coming your way will be a delicious, pillowy, oatmeal cookie recipe. Do you like oatmeal? I do, especially as it starts to feel more like fall because I associate oatmeal with cinnamon. Don’t know why. I just do.

Before I assault you with half-baked photos of fully baked cookies, let’s talk about hiking. Ok, maybe it was less a hike and more a scenic walk. A few weeks back…yes I am just getting around to writing about this…Corey and I took a ride to a farm in Carlisle MA. It was beautiful. There was a noticeable briskness to the air that signals fall in New England, but it was still warm and the sun was shining.

Now Corey wanted to bring the dogs, but thankfully we didn’t. Before the dog people out there get upset, let me explain. We can’t bring them. One has hip problems and can’t take the stress of a long walk. The other, would love it, but we can’t let her off a leash. She’s not vicious; in fact she’s very sweet. But, she’s a husky and if we let her off a leash, she’d run forever. So, in the end, they stayed home.

Good thing!

Along the way we saw many mushrooms.










I did handstands.

And we saw horses! Sorry, I didn’t get a picture of this one. It was unexpected. We’re walking along in a field when we heard hooves and within 30 seconds, two horseback riders appeared at the edge of the field. This was not what we expected! We probably looked very silly standing in the middle of the field waiting for them to come our way. I suppose we should have noticed the jumps next to us, but city living has had an effect on us. The next thing that happened was even more unexpected: two mountain bikers came tearing down the same path as the horses. Obviously, they didn’t attempt the horse jumps.

All in all it was a fantastic day. We found a great new place to walk, and we learned that should we want to try it, the farm also offers horseback riding and mountain biking. The thing that excited me the most was their evening cross-country skiing offerings. Can you imagine how pretty it would be to ski across lamp lit fields on a snowy winter night? I can’t wait!

Now I’m off to bake those cookies…

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