Friends, Family and the Horse Shed Fair

October 1st: the official start of the holiday season! 

Ok, maybe that’s just in my head, but I was certainly reminded of it at the Horse Shed Fair  this weekend. This was my first time there and letmetellya- the holiday spirit was in full force and some of those crafters work their tails off.  Despite the rain, it looked like there was a great turnout. I went with two of my favorite people and we had fun walking around the tents, meeting people, and checking out all the things they brought to show.

Of course, I couldn’t walk away empty-handed. I bought these cute kangaroo tea cups:

Loved them. Do you see the little “kangaroo” pockets? Those are there to hold your tea bag if you’re too lazy comfortable to get up and throw it away. We’re big tea drinkers so they will most definitely be used.

Now, the day didn’t end there. I couldn’t drive all the way to Lancaster without going a little further to visit my parents. We spent a few hours chatting and going through the remnants of their garden, before I packed myself and my teacups up and headed home a few pounds heavier (they had pumpkins still growing strong, so I snagged a few.)

Questions for you:

  •  Tea or Coffee?
  • What’s your favorite way to use pumpkins?

One thought on “Friends, Family and the Horse Shed Fair

  1. So happy Jack and I are two of your favs! Hehe, your our favorite too 🙂 FYI you are made to blog, write, share stories… yup it’s totally you ❤

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