Tuna Steaks with Sherry & Ginger Marinade- FAIL

I started with the best of intentions.

I swear.

I failed, and not just a little. A lot. A whole lot. A crash, burn, and get run over by a bus kind of failure. It started innocently enough. I was studying for the MTELs when I was procastinating inspired to try a new recipe with the tuna steaks we defrosted this morning.  Fish = Brain food, and my brain wasn’t working, so I needed fish. Clearly, my logic is flawless.

To be fair, I was able to rationalize the idea. Apparently there’s some truth to the old wives tale that parents like to tell their kids; fish is brain food. It turns out, omega-3s, something that cold water fish, like tuna, have in abundance, is essential for brain development. Someday when I have kids of my own, I’ll be sure to tell them this, because they will obviously hang on my every word.

Back to the fish.

Considering that fish is brain food, and I currently have a mental block against studying for the MTELs, I decided that it would be an appropriate Tuesday night dinner. After all, there’s a chance that it will inspire me to have a modicum of motivation, right? And didn’t those ingredients look pretty?

Looks can be deceiving. This was the result. UGHThe recipe has potential & I’ll certainly adjust the contents and try again. I’ll also make sure to grill the fish as our toaster oven didn’t properly broil the tuna. Honestly, I think the oven hated it too.

Thankfully, someone enjoyed it 🙂

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