Gluten Free Spaghetti Success

You may have noticed; this blog is suffering.

Do you know why?

I have absolutely no idea how to cook without using gluten. Oh sure, I can stick to the tried and true salads, meats and chowders. But it’s officially the holiday season and I want baked goods.

I really want baked goods. Pasta wouldn’t hurt either. If I can’t have the former, the latter will do; unfortunately, I’ve had a hell of a time finding a brand that was gluten-free, had the right texture, and tasted good.

Thus far I’ve tried a number of rice pastas; spaghetti, rotini, rigatoni, and shells. At best, they were all meh. I found that all rice pastas that I tried, regardless of brand, had the wrong texture and went from under cooked to gummy in seconds. Rinsing the pasta after cooking didn’t do much to improve the texture.

Over the last few weeks, I had settled on Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Pasta.


Relatively speaking, it wasn’t bad and the price was right.

Then, I found this:


The search is over. This pasta has it all; it’s gluten-free, it tastes great, the texture is right on, and did I mention the taste? Seriously, this stuff was so good that I wouldn’t miss semolina spaghetti at all. In fact, I think I might even like Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta better than “real” pasta.

Ancient Harvest does have one drawback; it’s twice as expensive as the real thing. Can you imagine my disappointment when I turned the box over and saw that instead of the usual 8 servings, there were only 4? Sadly, until they improve upon that, this will remain a treat for the days that I really need some pasta.

Did you hear that sound? I think that was my Italian grandmother cursing. Sorry Gram; I didn’t get a good deal, but at least I haven’t ruined your apple pie yet?

Happy Hanukkah to all those celebrating tonight 🙂

hopefully it goes without saying that I was not compensated for any piece of this post. The opinions are my own.

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